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Pasta Assortment for 10 people – Pasta Lover –


Pasta Plate assortment, Ready to eat pasta plate, for 10 people.


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Specs: Ready To Eat Pasta Plate

Ravioli Cepes Mushrooms Ricotta,0.5 kg with creamy sauce.

Ravioli Spinach Ricotta 0.5 kg with Pesto Creamy sauce.

Tortellini Sundried Tomato Ricotta Pesto, 0.5 kg With Arabiata sauce.

Tagliatelle Specialties 0.5 kg with Pesto creamy sauce.

Linguini white, 0.5 kg, pink sauce


Order before 5 days,

Shelf Life: 5 days in the fridge,

Ready to eat Pasta plate for the family and friends on your busy weekday.

Indulge in the perfect portion size for your preference, with 5 options, 5 trays for 10 people.

Experience the ultimate satisfaction of our professionally crafted pasta plate, meticulously prepared to tantalize your taste buds.


Served hot.

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Weight 5 g


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